Ethiopian University Library are aims in promoting and enhancing the use of information and resource through library to users. Addis Ababa University Library, Jimma University Lirbary, and Mekelle University Library are some of the university who are engaging in developing digital library and sharing knowledge. In addition to that the United Nation economic commission for Africa are also using digital library system to disseminate the electronic resource related to economic, development and globalization. In addition to that, Addis Ababa University and Jimma University have been running the department of Library and information science while Mekelle University opened the department of information science last year. This indicates that the Lirbary and information science field are now integrating to the society. However Here in this context we are not going to covered the development of the information and library science field, whereas we will described the current situation of the university initiative, digital movement of their library.History
Addis Ababa University Library

DSC00818.JPG(Introduction)Addis Ababa University library was established in August 1969. It is the biggest academic library in Ethiopia .The main university Library is called John F. Kennedy memorial library. This library provides resources and collections related to humanities, social sciences and other different materials. The Library aims in providing and enhancing quality and seamless service to the University Community users. However they also provide free access for external users who registered for the university Library service. The main objective of the university is to serve and promote the teaching and learning, research environment through providing an optimal access. Scholars, students, instructors and generally community of the university are mostly active user of the Library. As university Library, Addis Ababa University Library is the main Library who provides organized and selected materials. The University Library aims in facilitating the following tasks: “Selecting and acquiring relevant library materials, and organize the material and provide to users in print and electronic formats, Providing facilities and services to all Library users, Meeting instructional and research needs of the University’s community of Library users and providing information literacy training to all library users and encourage self reliance in selection and use of information resources.”
“To serves and promotes the teaching, learning and research environment where information resources are made accessible for those who are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in teaching, learning and research. The library primarily supports its parent organization, a student-centered and research-based higher education institution through provision of library and information services.”
Currently the Library provides two types of service the traditional library service and the digital library service. The collections can be accessed through online public access catalogue and AAU Electronic Theses and dissertations repositories. The main University Library (Addis Ababa University Library) provides full access to Addis Ababa University community and branch libraries located in different part of Addis Ababa. Further the main library provides centralized technical processing services such as acquisitions of information resources, cataloguing and ICT( Information communication and technology) related services to all branch libraries. Particularly the new service which was established earlier in mid 2007 called Addis Ababa University Electronic Theses and Dissertations, AAU-ETD provides access to Theses and Dissertations.